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***********CALLING ALL SINGLES***********

    Would you like to go on a cruise but cant find a room mate?  Would you like to go on a ski trip but you can’t find anyone who wants to see snow?  Would you like to see China, Brazil, The Grand Canyon, Africa, but no one has the time to take off from work?  You can’t find someone who the same interest as you?  Do you just want to get away and make new friends? 

    Well, want no more!  Never go on a vacation alone again. Go with other singles just like you.   When you sign up with one of their vacations, Singles Travel Services, you will be in the company of others just like you.  Just think, no more having to go on a vacation alone, ever.  Isn’t that great!!!!  There will always be new places to go and new friends to meet, no matter where YOU go.

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