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As the travel industry grows, so much our knowledge of the new and exciting destinations and the ever growing ships with all the bells and whistles.  We at The Cruise Lady strive to learn all we can through all available means available.  There is constant testing with each cruise line, each supplier and CLIA (Cruise Line International Association).  When our awesome agents reach high honors and goals, we want you to know, in their words.

This is Mike Smith's story:

Prompted by a family member who does not like the idea of flying, I took a look at what may be the finest cruising experience available anywhere in the world and discovered the history and nostalgia of Cunard. Probably one of the most amazing facts is that the Cunard line began over 170 years ago with the goal of getting mail back and forth between North America and Europe. Transatlantic crossings began in 1922 and have continued right into the present, allowing me the opportunity to book passage on the Queen Mary 2 leaving from New York and going to Southampton, England or Hamburg, Germany. The nice thing for a person not wanting to fly across the Atlantic is how Cunard offers almost continuous trips back and forth during the year and it is possible for someone with time to visit Europe for 12+ days and then have cruise passage back to New York. 

Prior to discovering more about the Cunard ships, I expected outrageous pricing because of their history and claim to the "Golden Age of Cruising." What I found, was a balcony on a transatlantic crossing for around $1,700.00 or pricing very much in line with other ship offerings and you are going to EUROPE! While a short plane trip does not bother me, the thought of being cramped up in the economy class of an airplane for 10-12 hours is material for nightmares. Having priced First Class air-fare, it is wonderful to know I can travel to Europe round trip (7-days going and 7-days) coming home for about the same price as a round-trip airplane ride in First Class. When I consider the true experience of the White Star Service given on any of the Cunard ships, there is no way I cannot consider the 14 days of top notch service weighed against 24 hours of First Class flying. 

My family is on "overload" having heard me discuss all of the advantages to sailing with Cunard and I find myself full of energy and ready to discuss the various possibilities of cruising this great line. One of the most fascinating choices made by Cunard is the desire to meet every need and I would have to say that if they do not have something you want when you get on the ship, it is because the you did not ASK! With each travel package sent out more than 60 days before the cruise, the guest gets every detail of the cruise and the opportunity to request anything special which would make the trip what the guest desires. I told my uncle he should request Blue Bell Ice Cream from Texas because I believe they would have it on ship for him after making the request. If the idea of having your luggage picked up at your home and delivered to the ship appeals to you, then all you have to do is request the White Star Luggage service and show up knowing your luggage will be on board. 

If you find yourself wanting to celebrate the "once in a lifetime experience," with a butler and a room over 2,000 square feet, you can have it from Cunard. The butler will even unpack your luggage and pack it up again when you leave. All you have to do is call and let us reserve this wonderful experience for you. If you have more time on your hands than you can believe, you might even choose one of the world cruises of 100+ days, the Liner portion of a world cruise up to 80 days or segments of the world cruise of approximately 30 days. I hope I have "peaked" your interest because I haven't even begun to list all of the wonderful things found cruising the ocean. 

Did I mention the only Planetarium at Sea, two-story libraries with librarians on staff, fencing lessons, and a Masked Ball? Did I mention how the Cunard ships transported military personnel from North America to Europe during the war with no escort because they were faster than the German U-boats and the torpedoes? The excitement of your cruise on Cunard is simply a phone call away!

Mike Smith
Commodore Level Consultant For Cunard
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