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Is the Cruise Line's Airfare Worth Paying More?

By Peter E. Coloyan, Sr., MCC
Jun 2, 2006,

You can get airfare for $399.00, but the cruise line wants $549.00. What should I do? You should make your decision knowing all the costs and potential problems! 


First, realize that if you do not purchase the airfare from the cruise line, you will have to purchase the transfers from the airport to the port separately or do that separately also (by taxicab or bus). These transfers can range from $20.00 roundtrip per person in Fort Lauderdale to $100.00 or more roundtrip per person on Alaska or European sailing, and even more elsewhere!

Next, realize that if you arrange the airfare separately, the cruise line is not responsible and has no obligation to you if you miss the cruise due to delay FOR ANY REASON. Mechanical, weather, overbooked, strike, bankruptcy, etc. It does not matter. If you do not purchase the cruise line's airfare, you are on your own to get to the ship. Period.

Additionally, if you take the cruise line's airfare, they will take care of your luggage upon arrival, transfer you to the port and send you right to your cabin (in MOST cases). Checking them in at their home airport should be the last time you see your luggage until you are on board and relaxing! Otherwise it's YOUR responsibility to lug them to the port.

Lastly, if you do not have cruise line airfare, you will not be prioritized for disembarkation upon your return. If you have an early return flight and the cruise line is delayed, they have no obligation to getting you to your flight on time.

I really don't mean to "scare" anyone into taking the cruise line's airfare, but 95% of the problems I have encountered with cruises due to airline delays, strikes, overbookings, etc., were not with the cruise line's airfare - it was purchased separately!

Your could be asked to sign a waiver if you decline the cruise line's airfare. This should also make you think twice. It's just not worth saving $50.00 or so to lose that peace of mind included with the cruise line's airfare.



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